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Getting Prepared for College and Life beyond the Home

We live in an era where college performance is declining for many students while tuition costs are steadily increasing. Over 55% of college students do not graduate within the first six years of college. Eighty percent of college students do not know what their major should be when they enter college, and almost 50% of college students change their majors at least once. Half of those who change majors do so two to three times. Employment rates for college graduates under the age of 25 are less than 50%, with many of those employed being underemployed in jobs that are not well paid and do not utilize the knowledge the students gained in college.

School Place Assessment should be the first step in planning for a successful transition to college, to career success, and to life happiness. It takes a comprehensive look at variables of personality and emotional well-being because personality variables are predictive of career interests. This important information is used to make decisions such as college major, matching of learning environment to the teenager's learning styles, and emotional preparedness to leave home and go to a college. The goal is to assist students in making better decisions so as to complete college in four years and to reduce the frequency of students not completing school/college. This assessment goes far beyond the conventional career interest inventory.

Young adults and their parents will learn from the School Place Assessment customized study strategies based upon their personalities, college/career selection, and increased self-awareness related to talents and goals.

The School Place Assessment can be used with students between the ages of 12 to 22. Dr. Whitmore has worked with these age groups for 20+ years. She has been trained and nationally certified to administer and provide valuable feedback to students and their parents.

For more information, please contact Western Reserve Psychological Associates, Inc. in Stow, Ohio.

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