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Adult Clinical Services

Our psychologists are trained and experienced in a range of treatment types; hence we may use several different techniques, depending on your issue. Both you and the psychologist discuss and agree to a treatment plan in the first few sessions. However, that plan may be altered and refined to fit changing circumstances. If you don't understand something, feel free to ask questions.

Many of the psychologists at Western Reserve Psychological Associates, Inc. have special interests or expertise with certain age groups or conditions. Our receptionists are trained to know the interests of each psychologist. They will match you with the most appropriate psychologist for your issue.

Your psychologist will tell you if a given approach has been shown by research to be effective for your condition. Most therapies require some reading, record keeping, and between-session practice. While no procedure can be guaranteed to be effective, you should be able to tell in a short time whether a given approach is working for you.