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Child and Adolescent Clinical Services


Children, as well as adults, can have emotional, behavioral and mental health problems. Western Reserve Psychological Associates, Inc. provides assessment and counseling for a wide variety of problems seen in children and adolescents, including:

Child and adolescent assessment

The psychologists that participate in the "Academic Assessment Center" are experienced and trained to provide intelligence and achievement testing services. If the child has attention problems, we also assess for ADHD and emotional problems.

Reasons for assessment include:

Child and adolescent therapy

Parents, clinicians and the child must all collaborate when the client is a minor child. The child's parent or guardian is informed of and signs the treatment plan. The non-custodial parent has a legal right to review the child's record. Depending on the child's age and issues, either individual sessions with parent consults or conjoint family session may be suggested. In either case, the parent has a right to regular progress reports. Specific interventions may include play therapy or adult therapy techniques.