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Family & Relationship Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy deals with issues that involve the family as a unit. Counseling is focused on behavior or communication problems involving parents and children or adolescents. The aim is to change habitual ineffective interactions. Specific problems may include:

Family conflict
Family communication deficits
Parenting skills
Adjusting to step/blended families
Drug and alcohol abuse
     Elder care
Health crises
Financial crises
Relationship enhancement
Old resentments
Behavior disorders
Verbal/physical abuse
Adjusting to divorce

Marital and Relationship Counseling

In couples' counseling, the relationship rather than the individual is the focus of therapy. For this reason, medical insurance may not cover this service. It is useful to couples contemplating marriage, new marriages under stress, healing damaged relationships and strengthening good relationships. Counseling for relationships includes:

Communication skills
Dual career issues
Separation and Divorce
Premarital counseling
     Problem solving
Recovery from infidelity
Parenting conflicts
Sexual dysfunction