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Wellbeing & Life Enhancement

These services are intended to increase health and well-being and enhance performance for high-functioning people. These services may be covered by health insurance.

Stress Management

Stress management training assists individuals in making lifestyle changes to manage stress more effectively. Such training is often helpful in managing stress-related disorders such as headaches, muscular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and anxiety or panic attacks. Individuals learn to cope with the emotional and physical effects of stress. Stress management services include:

Habit change

Communication skills

Life Planning

Positive Psychology

The new movement to research "positive psychology" is a step on the road to helping people "learn happiness". Instead of focusing on fixing problems, the therapist shares findings about increasing life satisfaction, and explores personal values and goals to incorporate these practices into your life.

Sport Psychology

Sport psychologists study the factors that influence participation and performance improvement in sports and exercise. Athletes and exercise enthusiasts often consult with a psychologist to lessen performance anxiety at competitions, improve focus and enhance performance. Therapists may also work with coaches to increase motivations in their athletes, improve compliance with training, further rehabilitation after injuries, and enhance communication and leadership styles. Sport psychologists may work with amateurs or professionals, individuals or teams.