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For Public Safety Forces

Western Reserve Psychological Associates, Inc. has been working with police and fire departments for over 20 years performing pre-employment and fitness-for-duty evaluations, critical incident stress management and confidential treatment services to public safety personnel and their families. Also provided are psychological evaluations in those cases when a "second opinion" regarding a disqualified applicant is requested by the hiring agency.

Evaluation services are performed by a team of psychologists experienced in working with public safety personnel. Each evaluation includes an intellectual assessment, personality testing, a biographical data information form, a structured clinical interview and a group interview. Each employee is seen by two or more psychologists.

This thorough approach results in an evaluation report and ranking that identifies the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, ability to perform as related to job requirements, amenability to supervision and potential for advancement.

Psychological services have proven to be extremely useful and expenditures are justified by the selection of more effective officers, increased retention, savings in hiring and retraining costs and the avoidance of potential costs of expensive litigation.

List of Public Safety Forces Services

Participating Psychologists for Public Safety Forces Pre-employment Evaluations

Virginia F. Clark, Ph.D.
Samantha Goodin, Psy.D.
Megan M. McGinty, Ph.D.
Mary E. Hickcox, Ph.D.
John S. Schell, Ph.D.
Eve F. Whitmore, Ph.D.

Our Public Safety Forces Pre-employment Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations
Forensic Evaluations performed by our experienced psychologists are tailored to fit the specific legal issue being assessed and the needs of the attorney involved.

Areas addressed:


Psychodiagnostic evaluations include such elements as comprehensive social history, mental status examination, intellectual assessment, assessment of personality functioning and screening for neuropsychological dysfunction and alcohol and substance abuse.

Attorneys are welcome to contact our office to speak to one of our forensic psychologists regarding their needs. WRPA Forensic Psychologists:

Virginia F. Clark, Ph.D.
John S. Schell, Ph.D.
Eve F. Whitmore, Ph.D.